6 Best Focal Point Ideas for Your Living Room 

A living room in any given property be it big or small, is the most active room. It is one room that gets to host the most quality conversations and activities. There could be a lot of things going on in a living room, one thing that should not be there is the dull ambience. What most people do not understand is that living rooms should be tastefully decorated. Going overboard with its decor is a massive mistake. When it comes to living rooms, one focal point is more than enough.  

So, without confusing you anymore, we have listed the best ideas that can be used as focal points for your living room.

  • Apt Furniture

What’s a living room without the feel and comfort of living room furniture? A focal point can be created whichever way you wish to, but the true essence lies in selecting the best living room furniture. In this day and age, you have a variety of vibrant collection of furniture that goes with and suits all kinds of living room ambience. Keep the decor in mind because when it comes down to picking the right furniture for your living room, there is no end to it. From durable, multipurpose TV units to trendy sofa beds; living room furniture on their own is the highlight of the space.

  • Artistic and Dramatic vibe

Now when we say art, we definitely do not mean slam all the paintings onto your wall. Of course, it can’t be denied that classic hanging paintings on the wall, sure brings drama and glam to the room. However, do understand that walls are not the only way to create a focal point, and not all paintings need to be hanged on them.  

  • Build your living room around a beautiful sculpture or one magnificent piece of artwork. 
  • If you wish to go for something inexpensive, then accent walls are perfect for your living room. You could also consider covering your wall with fabric, next, apply a not so expensive decal, or test your artistic side and paint a design or maybe a mural. Dramatic feel at the cost of peanuts.
  • Interior designers recommend covering your wall with ceiling-floor drapes in case you have not-so-attractive windows or bland, blank walls. 
  • A bright and dazzling focal point

This is not to be confused with using warm lighting and changing your light fixtures. We are here suggesting you let the natural light take over the vibe of the living room  

  • Go for something classic, nothing better than using a fireplace as your living room focal point. Spruce the area a bit by renovating for a defined lustre and sheen.
  • You would be surprised how a mirror redefines the brightness of a room. Pick a beautiful, large mirror place it parallel to your windows.  Not only would the mirror brighten the entire room, but also make it look bigger.

  • Shelving aesthetics

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention shelves is a bookshelf. They are not too costly, and honestly, stock more than they can carry. Often we, stack way too many objects, which is not too pleasing to the eyes. A shelf can be the centre of attention in a living room, given that it has display-worthy objects. 

  • One tip for an open shelving idea is to keep two-third space for books and one-third for the decor. You don’t want to make it seem too obvious that you’re displaying your antiques (which you are, though)
  • Eliminate the urge to beautify every corner of the shelf. It is important and appealing when you have space between the decorative pieces and books.

  • Smart mess

As much as clutter puts off everything and everyone, smartly creating a clutter zone can actually give you a beautiful assortment of things that you need but sorted neatly. It’s a living room; after all, it should not be messy but smartly organized. 

  • Place beautiful and trendy organizing baskets, cabinets, and small shelves with hooks. This way, you can store all your backpacks, coats, keys, bags, cell phones, chargers, etc.  
  • Stack your magazines, newspapers on the cabinets or place a cute fishbowl on them. You don’t have to splurge much on your furniture or decor to get a decent focal point.

  • Lighting

Overhead lighting is another one of the mistake people make while decorating their living room. Lighting in living rooms should be focused on one element— relaxation

  • Place an assortment of decorative lamps aiming to soften the ambience of the room. Choose warm lights. 
  • Art lighting or Under-counting lighting would help you highlight some of the corners of your room. This also helps in providing ambient lighting in your living room.

As mentioned earlier, one focal point in your living room would bring out the best in your living room. This space should be emitting relaxing and comforting vibes. Therefore, while decorating your living room, less is definitely more. 

Author Bio:
Naresh Prashar is marketing manager of E-Living Furniture, a leading online portal for affordable and elegant furniture for all types. Now a busy businessman, he loves to travel around the world and write on related topics whenever finds some time from his busy schedule.



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