HOUSEOFHRVST is the creative collective behind the two fashion retail stores HRVST and SPROUT. Both stores are located in Munich.

After starting the menswear store HRVST (pronounced as Harvest) in 2009, Philip Stolte has successfully made a name for himself during the past few years. The idea, concept, corporate design and interior design once were all part of his final thesis of his graphic design degree. He then went on to put it into practice when he actually opened his store in the Zieblandstraße - a small backstreet in the museum district of Munich, where Philip’s father had a graphic design atelier beforehand.

In light of HRVST’s success, the idea of opening a complementary shop for women right across the street in July 2015 came as no surprise. The rather clean and sophisticated but also organic and down-to-earth concept of SPROUT is mirrored in the interior of the store, which is equipped with a lot of marble, mirrors and palm trees.

Customers at HRVST and SPROUT particularly appreciate these curated selections of established high-end labels as well as the small exclusive brands that are rather hard to find elsewhere. All clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics at HOUSEOFHRVST are defined by high quality and individualistic classic design with a focus on understatement and timelessness.

Besides the daily business of fashion retail, HOUSEOFHRVST constantly works on several collaborations and projects that always bring fresh and unique content to its customers.