Taman Sari Yogyakarta: A Wonderful Classic Water Castle

Taman Sari water castle provides a distinct and one of a kind tourist attractions from Yogyakarta. With exquisite European structures, the castle markers 260 years of its presence. Built throughout the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the very first king...


Cleaning After Returning From Vacation

Returning home after enjoying a well-deserved vacation is not always the most pleasant; work, going back to school, changing season, daily chores, etc. These are aspects for which it is difficult to start the month of September. Post-vacation syndrome affects...


Simple Ways To Eliminate Termites Naturally

Nothing feels bad like an invasion of termites; they completely turn your compound to something else. And the darker part of the invasion is the attack on your wood beams and other structures. That is why getting a termite control...


All You Need To Know About The SPF Lumber

Spruce-Pine-Fir or SPF lumber is a common building material used in construction as well as various manufacturing processes. Sourced from the coniferous trees of North America, this lumber is an engineered wood that comes mostly from Canada but can also...

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