Big mistakes to avoid when dealing with orlando water damage removal

Dealing with water damage in your Orlando home or business is an incredibly stressful and challenging situation. From burst pipes to hurricanes and tropical storms, water disasters seem to strike often in Central Florida.

Trying DIY solutions before calling the pros

You feel tempted when you see a little water leak or minor flooding to try to take care of things yourself using towels, blow dryers, fans, and dehumidifiers from your local home improvement store. However, those home remedies often fail to fully dry out wet building materials and spaces. That trapped moisture unleashes nasty mold infestations and causes warping, discoloration, and rot in your walls, floors, baseboards, and furniture. A thorough professional restoration job often costs no more than a major DIY repair effort once materials are damaged. Calling a pro first is nearly always the smart call. Local Orlando water damage services properly dry out your property fast using truck-mounted extraction machines and commercial dehumidifiers to capture all of that moisture and prevent secondary damage.

Failing to hire certified water restoration specialists

Lots of small carpet cleaning and handyperson services in Orlando offer what looks like attractive deals on water damage repairs. However, those vendors typically lack the right expertise, specialty drying equipment, and follow-up capabilities to handle water disasters. By choosing a DamageControl in Orlando company with IIRC-certified technicians and the latest equipment, you stand the best chance of limiting invasive repair work and avoiding the need for costly reconstruction expenditures after inadequate drying. Don’t expose your family and home to health hazards by trying to bargain hunt while facing a flooding emergency.

Delaying response time after water damage occurs

Many homeowners realize too late that quick response time is perhaps the biggest factor determining how expensive a water issue will end up costing. By immediately calling in water removal specialists within just 24 to 72 hours after flooding, leaks, or storm damage strikes, you stand a good chance of restoring many building materials, furnishings, and appliances. But beyond 72 hours, wood, carpets, drywall, and other absorbent materials are often no longer salvageable. Resulting in mold and mildew growth also become a bigger concern for your home’s air quality past 3 days. Never take a wait-and-see approach after discovering water intrusion in your Orlando property or you pay the price in massive restoration expenses that could have been minimized.

Being too optimistic on the severity of the damage

It is human nature to downplay disasters and underestimate damage, especially when dealing with an emergency for the first time in your home. Many people walk through a home in the initial hours after water flooding and make an incorrect determination that things “don’t look that bad” and imagine simple cleaning and drying efforts will restore order. However, water damage inevitably ends up being far worse than is apparent on the surface water stains. Unseen absorption under materials causes severe issues. Without proper moisture meter readings and building materials diagnosis by a professional water restoration specialist, you will likely miss major areas of concern. Always let the certified technicians test thoroughly for moisture content and inspect subflooring and other hidden areas. It is far better to assume the worst initially rather than receive heartbreaking news later on about the true severity of your home’s flood damage.