From Paris
Classy, french design
Favorite: the Petit Standard Jeans


Like clothes that any man might already own - except better.

Jean Touitou, the founder of A.P.C. is a a true antihero of the fashion business. Despite most of his colleagues he produces very simple and timeless products that can be worn for years.


  Lito Jumper Lito Jumper
Lito Jumper
145,00 €
  • S
72,00 €
  Basile Shoes Basile Shoes
Basile Shoes
345,00 €
  • 41
  • 44
  • 45
172,00 €
  Aran Jumper Aran Jumper
Aran Jumper
210,00 €
  • L
84,00 €
  Uptown Jacket Uptown Jacket
Uptown Jacket
455,00 €
  • S
  • M
227,00 €

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A.P.C. is one of the most popular brands at HOUSEOFHRVST since day one. Luckily you can also shop the french label now at HOUSEOFRVST online - for women and men! During his revolutionary youth the young Jean Touitou, the designer and founder of A.P.C., was much more interested in politics and music but never in something as superficial and trivial as fashion. Nevertheless, in 1987 he decided to get into the business in order to create something new, something with a deeper meaning. Therefore he built the company A.P.C. - Atelier de Production et de Création. According to the notorious principle „less is more“ he focused on perfect cuts and simple designs rather than adding many extras that just distract you from the product itself - or even worse - the person who wears it. Jean Touitou always uses fantastic and rich materials mostly from Portugal or Italy. His timeless outfits celebrate a very down-to-earth but also very individualistic look. Our personal favorites from A.P.C. are the classic cotton shirts, the fine knitwear, the simple dresses, the sporty jersey pieces, as well as the popular raw denim jeans and the smooth leather accessories and shoes - not to forget the amazing coats, parkas and blousons! HOUSEOFHRVST aime A.P.C.