From Copenhagen
Down-do-earth, Scandinavian
Famous for their beanies

Norse Projects

The mark of true luxury is not the grand gesture. But the simple things done well.
Norse Projects

NORSE PROJECTS makes down-to-earth streetwear for everyone who is not so keen on over-branded or over-designed clothing.


  Aros Slim Stretch Aros Slim Stretch
Norse Projects
Aros Slim Stretch
130,00 €
  • 34/32
65,00 €

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NORSE PROJECTS was founded by the three friends Tobia Sloth, Anton Juul and Mikkel Groennebaek who started their popular Norse Store in 2002 and additionally established their own in-house brand seven years later. NORSE PROJECTS embraces functionality and comfort. All items are strongly influenced by a mixture of fashionable streetwear as well as tough workwear. We especially like the cosy knitwear, the jackets, the hats, and in Summer we love to wear the NORSE PROJECTS t-shirts and shorts. HOUSEOFHRVST elsker NORSE PROJECTS.