Look for the Best Options for the Proper Heating and Cooling Now

If you experience a major boiler failure, of course, you should quickly call a heating plumber, to make sure everything is in order. However, some small problems may be resolved very easily, without specific knowledge or tools. Thus, to save on the cost of a craftsman’s trip, we take stock of the main interventions that you can do without risk while encouraging you to seek advice when you have the slightest doubt. Go for the heating and cooling Athens GA now.

Cold radiators: modulate the water flow

If your radiators are lukewarm or completely cold, it may simply mean that the water flow setting at the boiler is not correct. Here, you just have to look at the data displayed on the control panel, and adjust the settings if necessary. If you do not know what values ​​to respect, take the time to read the information in the user manual.

For example, for a gas boiler, the pressure of the manometer must always be between 1 and 2 bar (s). For better efficiency, it is also recommended to manually bleed the radiators.

The boiler turns off: several checks to be made

If your boiler turns off on its own for no reason and on a recurring basis, you can do a few tests before calling a professional. For example, in severe cold, the condensate tube may be frozen – it is enough to remove the gel layer to resume normal operation. Once again, the presence of too much air in the radiators can also be responsible for successive shutdowns of the boiler, which may also require purging all connected devices.

Water leak in the boiler: what to do?

Depending on the size of a water leak, we don’t necessarily react in the same way: if yours loses large amounts of liquid, you must quickly call a professional to prevent the situation from deteriorating, without forgetting to of course to cut off the power supply, so as not to experience more water damage.

On the other hand, for a slight “drip”, try to find the origin first, to see if there isn’t just a badly connected pipe or a missing joint. When the leak comes from the lower part, the safety valve is usually the cause. If the resistor gasket needs to be changed, for example, we suggest that you seek professional help.

The hot water pressure is very low

If you find that your hot water pressure is not high enough, start by checking that you are still between 1 and 2 bar(s) at the level of the general operation of the boiler. On some models, it is sufficient to manually add water (by opening the tap) to increase the flow and find a better supply of hot water when showering, for example.

However, this kind of malfunction can also result from a build-up of scale or dirt in different parts of the boiler. It will therefore be necessary to call in a professional for a complete cleaning, in order to regain the initial performance and to avoid total breakdown.