Purchasing a Designer Sofa for Your Living Room – Here’s a Guide you Must Have by Heart then

Can you imagine buying something to sit on and not being able to do so because there’s no hint of comfort to it? Well, we are sure that no one would want that. Which is why we believe that a luxury sofa, like any other piece of furniture, must be comfortable, practical, and cozy aside from being made one-dimensionally carvedor embellished or artistic in order to be worth the investment. And, when it comes to luxury sofa, it should be mentioned that sofa upholstery in Singapore plays a huge role as well.

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  • Tuxedo Sofa

This luxury sofa is trendy and edgy. Some of the features that makes it timeless are listed below.

  • It has a beautiful theme with arms and back sharing the same height.
  • It creates a buttoned-up illusion that makes it a perfect mix between modern and classic.


  • English Roll Arm Sofa

This one is an extraordinary combination between comfort – it is super soft – and style – the rolled arms give it a classic look. What makes it more popular is that it has a fixed back that is especially designed to support the neck and shoulders. Besides, it blends with all kinds of interiors.


  • Chaise

This is a charismatic sofa lounge that’s beautifully contoured at the back. What makes it more special is that:

  • It recreates the entire look of contemporary furniture.
  • It makes a wonderful cozy sofa for reading and lazying around.


  • Camelback Sofa

One of the wooden marvels at Ambienti furniture, this sofa is more of a traditional piece.

  • It flaunts the shape of a camel’s back. You can, of course, have it designed with one or two humps, whatever you need.


  • Loveseat

Designed for two, this luxury sofa is kind of a medium height piece that is highly customizable.

  • It can be made into any shape that you want.
  • The colors can pop out and can also be made a bit darker to add a cozy feel.
  • It’s an ideal choice for people with a small living room.


  • Sectional Sofa

You can make it as big as you like. How? Well, let’s just say that:

  • It has one centerpiece that can be made quite long.
  • The centerpiece is attached to a separate sofa, mostly a lounge, placed at 90°. That’s why this one is known as sectional sofa.

The best thing is that you can have the individual sofa placed on either of the two sides of the centerpiece or just one.

So, don’t forget to check out these exclusive pieces the next time you’re looking out to buy luxury furniture for your living room.