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Top 5 Neighborhoods to Live in Bellevue

Some property owners might only perceive Bellevue, Washington, as a suburb of Seattle. However, as a prospective homeowner, if you dig a bit deeper, you will discover a bustling neighborhood with many parks and greenery, shops and restaurants, and much more. But which communities are the best options among the abundance of them? If you are looking into homes for sale in Bellevue, this piece covers some of the most fantastic neighborhoods you should consider:

  •     Lakemont

Although Lakemont is mainly located inside Bellevue’s municipal borders, a small portion is also in Issaquah, Washington. Because of this, Lakemont homeowners can choose to send their children to school in either of the two school districts. At the moment, Lakemont has a little over 5,600 residents. The area has several neighborhood parks, including the well-liked Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.

  •     Lake Hills

Lake Hills has expanded to Bellevue’s most populated neighborhood, with over 16,000 people living in various single- and multi-family homes. The vast pathways, wide open places, and forested areas offer a wealth of outdoor experiences. In addition, if you own a pet, you can bring your animal friend to Robinswood Community Park. You may also play other sports on the adjacent athletic grounds or work on your game on an indoor tennis court. Bellevue College is also located in Lake Hills. The third-biggest university in Washington State provides various academic programs, such as technical certifications and bachelor’s degrees in a wide range of subjects. If you want to start living in Bellevue, Lake Hills is an excellent neighborhood to consider.

  •     Somerset

Perched on a hill with a view of Lake Washington, Somerset is a family-friendly community renowned for its top-notch educational institutions and stunning vistas. The neighborhood has several parks and green areas for outdoor enthusiasts, home to a mix of modern and mid-century residences. The well-liked Somerset Recreation Club, which provides residents with tennis, swimming, and other sports, is also located in Somerset. With the high demand in the Bellevue real estate market, the median home price in this neighborhood is around $1.2 million.

  •     Woodbridge

If you are considering buying a home in Bellevue, Woodbridge is a charming neighborhood that has several wonderful parks inside its boundaries, such as Bannerwood Ballfield Park, the welcoming Norwood Village Park, and the beautiful Woodridge Water Tower Park. Locals love these parks, and many tourists from outside the area go here to take advantage of the beautiful greenery. Hikers and bird watchers find them very appealing.

  •     Newport

Newport provides chic waterfront housing and some of Bellevue’s most outstanding views. There are houses in Newport Shores and Lake Lanes that are perfect for boating and other water sports. Additionally, the community is adjacent to the 146-acre Coal Creek Natural Region, a protected area with open spaces, walking paths, and various animals, including red-tail hawks, coyotes, deer, and raccoons.

There are many different areas in Bellevue that fit any lifestyle. The city is vibrant and diversified and has lots to offer everyone. It is understandable why Bellevue is a popular option for everyone—it has excellent schools, lovely parks, and a thriving economy. Thus, if you’re considering moving to the Pacific Northwest, check out Bellevue’s top neighborhoods!