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Welcome To Farragut! Here’s All You Should Know About This Suburban Town

Named after Civil War Union Admiral David Farragu, Farragut is an independent community stretching into Loudon County in Knoxville’s County far southwest. The city features pristine neighborhoods and contemporary homes that exude serenity. Year-round lake access is an asset, and residents of Farragut take great satisfaction in keeping the lake accessible and clean to all visitors. So, if you are looking for a new home, the Farragut real estate market is worth looking into. Meanwhile, read on to learn more about this suburban town.

Explore Farragut Real Estate

True to its suburban setting, Farragut’s real estate market is dominated by single-family homes, most of which are relatively new constructions. Over the last few decades, this town’s population has steadily increased, and so has the demand for real estate.

Regardless of the construction era, the homes for sale in Farragut are often designed in a conventional architectural style. Newer homes are more suburban, whereas older properties incline toward ranch or colonial forms. Homes in this town typically have red brick exteriors, and gable roofs.

Interiors in Farragut’s contemporary homes are fairly spacious, with plenty of front and garden space. Many properties back on to forested regions and are thus quite desirable due to the privacy they provide. Modern finishes, fireplaces, multiple-car garages, and even backyard pools are as common.

Are There Townhouses and Luxury Homes in Farragut?

A few townhomes and modest condos are available for purchase, but they are relatively unpopular in this region. Most of these are older homes, though, you can occasionally find contemporary townhomes in Farragut’s newly built neighborhoods.

Farragut real estate agent Jennifer Whicker finds most luxury homes in the southern part of the city, particularly in the vicinity of Willow Creek Golf Club and Fox Den Country Club.

These expansive estates are constructed on enormous lots, and provide homeowners with solitude and safety. Additionally, some neighborhoods have well-kept landscaping, which enhances the area’s charm and beauty.

What are the Best Farragut Neighborhoods to Live?

Farragut real estate has many neighborhoods for potential buyers to pick from. Whatever neighborhood you select will vary according to your unique preferences. While some might want a bustling neighborhood, others prefer exclusivity and serenity.

Whatever the case, some of the best neighborhoods in Farragut are Fox Run, Village Green, Bridgemore, Saddle Ridge, Concord Hills, Northshore, and Westhaven.

Farragut Amenities and Attractions

While not a leafy suburb, there is a lot to do and see when living in Farragut. From community events to shopping and dining, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Visit one of the 2 primary commercial areas at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road, and the other on the north side of Parkside Drive. Also, tour iconic places like the Farragut Folklife Museum to explore the local cultural scene.

As for dining and shopping, Farragut comprises both small and large enterprises. It is only a short drive from familiar retailers, such as department stores, fast food eateries, grocery stores, and more.

Let Jennifer Whicker Help You Find Your Dream Farragut Home

One of life’s most significant accomplishments is having a place to call home. It is a huge investment and will probably be your biggest purchase to date. So, do not take any chances! Jennifer Whicker is an experienced realtor familiar with the Farragut real estate market. Jennifer will help you navigate the market to ensure a smooth process. Call to arrange a consultation today.