What You Need to Know About Living in Havertown

Welcome to Havertown, a charming west Philadelphia suburb with a rich history dating back centuries. Initially, the community was farmland, but it has now transformed into a close-knit, hospitable community. With plenty of playing fields and parks, Havertown offers a perfect escape from the bustle and hustle of Downtown Philadelphia. If you want to move to Havertown, here is what you need to know about living in this community.

Havertown Schools

Havertown has several top-rated public schools in the Haverford Township School District. The district offers students many engaging activities such as sports, music, art, and community services. Top-rated local schools include the Haverford Middle School, Haverford High School, and Chatham Park Elementary School. After high school, you can join a nearby high institution, including the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, Haverford College, and Arcadia University.

Job Opportunities

Havertown boasts a vibrant economy and many employment opportunities for young professionals looking to develop their careers. The unemployment rate in this town is only 4.7% compared to the national average of 6%. The leading employers in Havertown include Villanova University, United Parcel Services, and the Boeing company. There are more than 100,000 available jobs in Havertown, meaning that if you move to this town without a job, you have a higher probability of finding one.

Havertown Restaurant Scene

Everyone is a fan of some well-cooked delicious food. Fortunately, Havertown offers precisely that, boasting a variety of restaurants and food eateries. Some of the best restaurants in Havertown include the burrata Havertown and pepperoncini restaurant & bar for delicious Italian cuisine. Italian food is popular in Havertown, so try it out. You can also check out the Havertown grille for mouthwatering local dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

Outdoor Activities

You will love it here at Havertown if you are an outdoor enthusiast. The area has many parks that are safe and fun activities for the whole family. Havertown’s best parks include Chatham Glen Park, Grange Field, Darby Creek Valley Park, and Bailey Park. Head to the Skatium for ice skating, ice hockey, or skating lessons. The town also holds various community events and festivals annually. If you love history, you want to experience the past at the Friends of the Grange Museum. You can also shop at the many stores in Havertown, including the famous Manoa shopping center mall. Generally, Havertown has plenty of outdoor recreation.

Havertown Climate

When relocating to a new place, the climate is a vital consideration. The good news is that Havertown has a favorable humid subtropical climate. The summer and spring months experience wet, warm, and humid weather, with temperatures around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The winter and fall months experience cloudy, cold, and snowy weather, with temperatures around 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer is ideal for water sport recreation, while winter is best for ice skating.

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