Why You Should Visit Nantucket During the Holiday Season

Located only 30 miles off Massachusetts’ southern coastline, Nantucket might as well be in a different world. This tiny island boasts an astonishing 82 miles of beach, almost all of which is open to the public. Nantucket is a pretty charming town all year, but particularly during the fall and Christmas seasons. Avoid the crowds of summer vacationers and visit the island during the off-season. Here are several reasons Nantucket is so unique to tour in the colder months.  

Nantucket Yearly Holiday Events

Nantucket is magical during the holidays. The entire community comes together to enjoy the holiday season with various festivities. From Thanksgiving until New Year’s, there are several events and activities to attend that will get you into the holiday spirit.

Enjoy a Turkey Plunge, live entertainment, a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, carolers singing, adorned storefronts, festive holiday shopping, and an ugly sweater contest! Visiting Nantucket with your family during the holidays is truly an unforgettable experience!

Specials, Sales, and Deals

On Nantucket, the holidays bring lots of discounts, bargains, and weekly restaurant specials. Everyone is creating lists of things they want to buy for the holidays and getting ready for bargains and promotions they want to take advantage of. Take advantage of the island’s neighborhood shops, which provide excellent handcrafted goods that are sure to please everyone.

Numerous boutiques will have sales in their stores, which will make shopping more exciting! Many restaurants remain open during the fall and winter months. Enjoy seasonal deals while on the island, and do not miss the Nantucket Bay Scallops! The shopping and dining options on the island are fantastic, especially when the town is decorated and lively.

Relax and De-Stress

The holiday season can be both thrilling and stressful. A weekend or longer trip to Nantucket is the ideal option to get away from the stress, weariness, and challenges you may be experiencing at this time.

Spend time away from home in a charming yet bustling town to relax and unplug. Book a quiet rental cottage with Nantucket MA real estate agent Bernadette Meyer to relax your mind and body fully. There are numerous activities to enjoy throughout your stay to help you unwind during this hectic time of year!

Quiet Beaches and Trails

Despite the colder temperatures, the holiday season is the best time to visit Nantucket. You will find serenity in the spectacular vistas from the walking routes, hiking trails, and gorgeous Nantucket beaches. During the off-season, there are less visitors, more open space, and more peaceful time to explore the island.

If you enjoy hiking, walking, or going to the beach, you will find plenty of paths and beaches to explore. Remember to bundle up and stay warm when living in Nantucket during these fall and winter months. Moreover, do not forget to check out the holiday-themed lighthouses!

Searching for Nantucket Real Estate?

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