How To Avoid Taking Termites With You When Moving

Can you take Termites with you when moving?

Long story short, the answer is a resounding Yes! It is possible to take these annoying insects with you when you move house. Now, it is important to understand this from the very beginning of this article. Nobody in his right mind wants to move to the new house with termites. However, these things happen sometimes. When it does happen, it means the termites in the old place found an ingenious way to follow you to your new residence. Below are some ways this can happen.

Termites Hid in Your wood

Termites love wood and they love to hide and breed in wooden furniture. If you have termites in your old house (rented or not), these insects might simply come along for the ride when you move house. One way to ensure this does not happen is to fumigate your old house shortly before you move to a new one. This way, you eliminate all the chances of termites coming with you to your new house. Another way is to choose better materials for your wooden doors or furniture to prevent termites from destroying it.

You Moved with Termite Eggs

One reason termite breed so fast is that they lay eggs. These insects lay plenty of eggs because they like to play safe. It is clear to the female termite that not all the eggs will hatch and not all will make it to adulthood. It follows that the egg-laying females produce as many eggs as they can. Now, even after you have you have decimated the living termites in your home or around your home, the eggs might still be alive and well. If you move with some of these eggs in your furniture or books, you have simply invited termites to your new home. When these eggs, you might be facing a huge termite problem in your new residence.

Termites in Old Books

The problem with termites is that they can live anywhere. Well, not quite but they can live in a variety of places. They can live in wood, they can hide in old books and they can even live under the ground. Maybe you love books and you have a library that is the envy of your friends. Now, when you are moving your books to the new place you should be very careful. If there are termites in your books and they follow you to the new place, you are looking at a termite infestation right there. The right move is to bring out all the books before you move and spray these books with the right insecticides or pesticides. This way, you get rid of any termites hiding in your beloved library.

Termites in Old Cartons

Termites love to eat old cartons because these things are made from wood. If you have old cartons in your basement or in the store downstairs, you should not use them to pack your things as you move. If you do, then you should expect termites to move with you in these old cartons.

As you can see, termites are bad news but this does not mean you should let them cramp your style. Take some smart measures and termites will not follow you to your new residence.

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