4 Tiles That Must Be The Part Of Your Home Makeover Idea

Tiles are one of the most favorite design materials when it comes to the renovation or building of a house. The use of tiles has been going on since the Roman times and hence is considered one of the most important parts in designing a house. There are many different types of tiles that have been made lately and you can find all types of tiles from low to high range in different materials and designs in the market.

All these tiles can be differentiated into four most important types, which are as follows:

  1. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles- These are the best tile options one can ever go for. Ceramic tile is one of the most cost-effective tiles. Not all ceramic tiles are cheap but you can definitely find a low-cost one and it will still add beauty to your house. On the other hand, Porcelain tiles also come in various shapes and shades and because of their water-resistant property, they are among the best options to use in bathrooms.
  1. Glass tiles- These tiles are bright, shiny, and beautiful. Started as a design trend in the early 2000s, glass tiles are still considered to be very attractive. It is commonly used for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. As it can easily crack under high pressure, these are not appropriate for flooring. The beauty of these tiles is truly unmatched.
  1. Quarry tile- Quarry tiles came from quarries and have been used in hallways, foyers, indoor, and outdoor floorings in the past. These clay tiles are made such that it is almost as hard as natural stone. They have a very rough surface and hence, are perfect for flooring because of its strong grip. But these tiles cannot be used for kitchen countertops because it is very porous. Even though it can be made less porous, it is still not ideal to use them for kitchen countertops.
  1. Stone tiles- These tiles are all-natural beauty and are of great use for kitchen and bathroom design. Even though granite has become a more popular option, it easily cracks, is porous, and hence, needs to be polished regularly. But stone tiles offer beautiful, natural, and unique designs for your house, which cannot be done with any other tiles. Therefore, you can consider granite tiles for your floor.

These days, there are hundreds of different tile options available and in stores like Céramique Carreaux Metro; you can find them all at reasonable prices.