Before Hiring an Interior Design Company In Singapore, Ask Them A Few Questions


Are you going to renovate the interior of your flat in Singapore? Before you hire any interior design company, it will be wise to do a bit of investigation and know whether he will suitably fit in your scheme of things or not.

All companies may project them as the best and end up charging a huge amount of money and you remain dissatisfied.  Often they may leave many jobs unfinished. Choosing from recommended interior designers in Singapore will usually guarantee strong workmanship, and can always make your interior something very special.

Therefore, before hiring an interior designer in Singapore then you must ask the following few questions to make sure that you have hired the right interior designer for your project.

  1. Do you have the required license?

If a company doing any renovations in Singapore will need to possess an HDB license. So you must double-check the licensing details of your interior design company before you hire him to ensure that the company is a registered company. In Singapore, renovation companies are required to get an HDB license. You can find out more about the renovation license on HDB website here.

  1. What styles are you specialise in?

All interior designers have certain strengths in any particular style of design and therefore, you must know that. If that matches with your choice then only you must consider hiring him.

  1. Which contractors do you liaise with?

Most interior designers only create an idea but the actual work is done by a certain contractor. So, you must know about the contractor too so that you know with whom you must coordinate.

  1. How long are you in this business?

It is always advisable to hire any designers who have worked for a few years and have developed a certain reputation on the market.

  1. Do you offer any warranties and insurance available?

Good interior design companies willalso include a warranty for workmanship, a few may also offer a warranty on the materials used. However, it is necessary that you must ask this question.

  1. Can you give details of your past projects?

It is very important for you to know about his past work so that you can assess whether he will fit in for your project or not. If you find his design aesthetics and style too different then you can reject him.

  1. What should be the budget for my project?

Before taking up such a project, it is essential for you to know what will be the project cost. Many interior designers are quite capable to modify their scheme of things to fit within your budget.

  1. What are your terms of payment?

While hiring an Interior Designer, it is necessary that you must be very clear about their payment terms. You need to ensure whether the payment plan will properly fit with your cash flow or not.

  1. Will you give your project schedule?

Always ask for their project schedule so that based on that you can always review whether they are on schedule or not and can discuss if any issue is causing any delay and how can it be addressed.

  1. How much time will be needed for my project?

It is important to ask the timeline of your project to your interior designing company as there can always be some surprise issues that can cause delays. However, a good interior designer will maintain the time frame.

  1. Will you discuss your plan before going ahead?

Make sure that the designer that you hire will do enough discussion with you before going ahead with their making any plan.

  1. How often will you review with me during the project?

Regular communication will be needed so that you can review the progress and know if any surprising issues have cropped up so that you can also be prepared with any possible delay.

  1. Why should I hire you?

This is an open question that you must ask every company that you interview and everyone may offer a certain specific answer based on that you can understand whether you are hiring the right company.

Renovating your home in Singapore can always be an expensive process and therefore, it is very important that you must take your own time to select the right firm for taking up your project.