What Exterminators Do to Kill Termites and Control Infestation

No matter how much you want your home to be a perfect place to stay, it would be impossible to make it happen when there are insects such as termites hidden beneath the wooden structures. These will keep on destroying your property and leave traces of damaged spots that would make your homes look dirty and unpleasant. This will surely break every homeowner’s heart because they are trying their best to keep the house clean and tidy but controlling or getting rid of the insects seems uneasy.

Indeed it is quite tough to manage such unwanted guests at home that is why we should allow experts to do their job and let them start with the termite inspection as soon as possible to avoid bigger damages. During their visit, the exterminators can check how far these insects have gone with the infestation and you should know that they can weaken the wooden structure. When that happens, you may be surprised after seeing your house failing so don’t wait for more problems to arise.

You may try remedies to kill them, but you should also keep in mind that there are experts who can handle such a situation and there is no doubt that they will manage this problem in due time. All you need is to look for a reliable company that offers services that include inspection, controlling, and eliminating insects that infested your property. You may ask your family or friends to recommend one and then contact them to schedule their visit so that they can start the treatment atthe soonest time possible.


Each house that exterminators visit has a different case or level of infestation, so some jobs are easier to manage, while others take much time, especially when the termites started forming a community without you knowing. Therefore, how things will be treated also vary and this will usually depend on the result of the inspection. Every corner of your house, especially the most noticeable and visible signs of infestation will be assessed to come up with the best possible solution on killing them and eliminating the problem – visit http://extension.msstate.edu/content/signs-termite-infestation for more signs to check.

They will not take any action without your permission because they need to give you options which are solutions and discuss these for your approval. The exterminators need to make a plan as fast as they can and you as the homeowner would be a part of this plan, so you make the decisions. They won’t touch or do anything without your consent and once you gave them the authority, they will then start the job.

These experts will be treating the perimeter of your land or property, including the infested parts as well as the foundation where there are contacts. During this time, you have to stay away from your house, though you may also stay outdoors. But I suggest you not allow the kids or pets if you have one, near the perimeter to avoid inhaling chemicals used while the treatment is going on.

Methods Applied

Most exterminators use insecticides that may contain toxic chemicals which could be a risk to one’s health so you should put on a mask even when you are staying outdoors and this is why children, as well as pets, must be out of the area. They use these strong chemicals to help in killing the termites and protecting your homes from possible infiltration. Of course, it would be harmful to inhale too much of the chemicals but they have no choice if the infestation is severe – click this for further reading.

Other methods can be used and there are also non-toxic types or heat treatments incorporated but I guess that only applies to simple problems. Let’s say that it would still be an effective method when the insects were noticed early or when they have just started to come. So sometimes, it would be great to conduct regular inspections even when termites are not seen in the area.

But in most cases where the infestation is full-blown, the exterminators may have to apply fumigation which is an ideal method to kill the insects. The experts may need to tent your home, so you have to vacate until the fumigation is complete. Let’s say that they can finish the job in a few days, and this will depend on how severe the case is so just wait and let them deal with the problem.