Different Kinds Of Photo Prints that Are Getting Popular By the Day

Photo prints can be acrylic as well as metal. Both the types are quite popular and in-trend. If you’ve recently been wanting to revamp and reboot the look of your house, then you must have a look at the guide we’ve listed below – it’s a compilation of all the benefits of having acrylic prints and metal prints put to display at homes.

Metal Prints for Contemporary Charm

Metal prints are so durable because they’re done on dibond – a material that has aluminum edges and the center is polyethylene. These materials make the structure highly durable and rigid. So, metal prints are ideal for outdoor decor because they can easily adapt to weather changes without causing any change in hue and brightness over time.

They’re generally of 2 types – Brushed metal prints and White metal prints. However, at Big Acrylic, there are 2 more variations – White Metal + Gloss Varnish and Brushed Metal + Gloss Varnish.


The choice will largely depend upon what you’re looking for.

If it’s a matte look that you want, get rid of the varnish. And if you want a semi-glossy picture on metal, then varnish is your go-to option.

Talking about the 2 types:

Brushed metal gets its name from the brushed look that is an attribute to the white areas in the picture. The surrounding colors look semi-brushed and the contrast is breathtakingly high.

White metal is a form where all the main focus is put out to bringing out the depth of vivid colors so that the picture has a super high contrast ratio.

Photo Prints on Acrylic for a Shiny and Glossy Treat

Acrylic photo prints are highly versatile pictures. The following qualities make them one of the best options in the market.

  • They last for a very long time since acrylic is actually shatter-resistant.
  • They’re much more varied than any other kind – the picture could be a collage of images, a child’s playbook, a silhouetted image, or any other variety you want.
  • Acrylic prints are quite bright and they do not smudge or wrinkle like photographs on paper do.
  • They can be made into any shape you desire.

Other than these 2 options, there is another one – listed below – that’s becoming popular by the day.

  • Back-lit Prints – These are LED-infused prints that are ideal for offices and retailers who are in a constant need to keep changing the graphics.

To sum up, when the firm you pick is right, the material you’ll be supplied with will be high in quality as well.