Cleaning After Returning From Vacation

Returning home after enjoying a well-deserved vacation is not always the most pleasant; work, going back to school, changing season, daily chores, etc. These are aspects for which it is difficult to start the month of September.

Post-vacation syndrome affects most of us, and on many occasions, starting to do a thorough cleaning in our house makes us much more depressed.

┬áDid you know that each year post-vacation “depression” affects between 45% and 65% of workers during September and October? Overwhelming but real data.

For this reason, euro Maids has prepared this article with the four main cleaning recommendations to carry out after the post-vacation return

Tips For Cleaning After Vacation

  1. Pre-cleaning before the holidays: It is evident that if we leave the house ready before leaving, the performance will be more bearable in the organization, planning, and dedication in cleaning. We recommend reading our latest blog article “5 cleaning guidelines and recommendations before going on vacation” this entry will make it easier for the home to be ready and stay during those dates.
  2. Emptying luggage and cleaning clothes: This is the main task to be done after returning. To clean it, you can use a microfiber cloth with a little neutral soap and then use a damp cloth to remove any soap residue so that your travel suitcase is gleaming. Before putting the clothes in the washing machine, plan a short program spin with vinegar indicated in washing machines (the fact of not having been in operation for days could cause a bad smell in the pipes and the clothes themselves).

Separate coloured and white clothing (look for any dirt or stains that each piece of clothing may contain). You can directly apply products such as bicarbonate, vinegar, or lemon (believe us, the results are very positive).

  1. Ventilate the house. At the same time that we empty the suitcase and clean the clothes, open all the windows of the home so that the air can flow and avoid the smell of closed.
  2. Cleaning in primary sources of the home, such as the bathroom toilet, will require cleaning (this may have stored germs from stagnant water) or the windows (summer rains, heat, and dust can be one of the main factors for those that we must start in cleaning).

These tips will make it easier to return after the holidays, and it will also moderate the feeling of sadness and apathy that it causes at the end.

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