Protecting Your Home In The Summer

During the summer months, many of our houses are left empty due to vacations or settling into our second homes.

It is precisely at this time when the highest number of thefts and robberies occur in most towns and cities in our country: according to data from various researches, these robberies usually happen during the day (61%), during the week (69%) and when no one is home (73%).

With this reality, any precaution seems insufficient to ensure that our home and our belongings are protected.


Alarms and Other Security Elements To Protect Your Home

It is estimated that, currently, around 7% of homes have security alarm systems. In some cases, and for their owners’ peace of mind, these alarms are combined with other deterrent measures, mechanical elements, and electrical systems that improve home security.

These elements include armoured doors and bars on windows and balconies, especially on ground floors, first floors or attics with terraces. Garage and garden doors are also specially reinforced.

Combining these elements with an alarm system, we will obtain a double benefit: the mechanical components will make it difficult for possible intruders to enter. In contrast, the alarm will notify the police once the raid has occurred, and even before it happens.


How To Protect Your House From Thieves With Alarms: Installation Tips

The effectiveness of the alarms depends on their quality but also on how they are installed. Before installing an alarm, we recommend that a specialist technician visit your home to choose the best system based on your home and distribution.

Keypads to activate and deactivate the alarm must be placed in the access zone. Some alarms include a dress code so that the control panel can detect that the user is disabling the system forced by an intruder. Also, it is recommended that the control center is in a discreet location, close to an Internet connection and the electrical network.

The detectors must be well located to cover all areas of the property, the entrances, doors, and windows being especially noteworthy.

Finally, in larger houses, it is recommended to carry out a “zoning,” so that the security of the different defined areas or floors of the house can be activated and deactivated independently.


Tips to Protect Your Home In Summer

Before planning the protection of your home this summer, you should take into account some questions:

  • Reinforce access doors (armoured and armoured doors).
  • Bet on double glazed windows and with a deadbolt locking system
  • The bars and bars are excellent protection, although they should have opening mechanisms from the inside so as not to obstruct the exit in case of an emergency.

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