Embracing The Beauty Of Plain Cabinets  

The first fundamental step in any kitchen cabinet project is measuring the space. Incorrect measurements will lead to uneven surfaces, appliances that don’t fit correctly, and gaps between seams. In addition, poorly measured cabinets willlikely have poorly functioning drawers and doors. A professional contractor will use the latest technologies and materials to ensure that the cabinets will be installed correctly and sit level. If the cabinets are not attached todrywall or studs, they can easily crash to the floor.

On the other hand, embracing the beauty of plain cabinets does not mean sacrificing aesthetics. While many homeowners choose to go with gold or brass, this style isn’t suitable for every home. For example, some wood cabinets have an orange/red color tone. If that’s the case, aged brass may be a better option. This kind of finish is more durable than polished nickel and will enhance the decor of any room.

If you are going for a modern design, consider painting the cabinets in the color you prefer. A few examples of the paint color you can use are forest green, navy, and matte black. For a more classic look, consider a dark wood like mahogany. However, if you are looking for a timeless look, you can try a more neutral color such as sand.

Although many homeowners prefer to decorate with patterns, plain cabinets are a versatile option that will complement any theme or accent. Unlike patterned or colorful cabinetry, plain cabinets can be matched to any finishing touch and color. Furthermore, they are simple and easy to clean. It is important to note that a minimalist design isn’t limited to black and white. A neutral color like cream is an excellent choice for a kitchen.

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish look, you may be tempted to paint your kitchen cabinets. However, you might have concerns about the durability of these wood finishes. The fact is that a factory-built cabinet is more durable than a home-painted one. These cabinets are more robust and durable because they are made with dovetail joints, power fasteners, and other methods that are not possible in your home.

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