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Investments in new Residential Complex: What is Important to Pay Attention to?

Buying any real estate is a very responsible and serious decision. But if for themselves people choose housing mostly taking into account their personal capabilities and tastes, then investing in new buildings requires a special approach. Here, the purchase is carried out with the aim of obtaining subsequent profit, and therefore with such an investment of funds, you should carefully read the nuances that can both help you and hinder you. Let’s figure out what to look for if you are interested in investing in a new housing complex.

Building density and housing costs

In large cities, especially in the central regions, a shortage of land and its high cost are forcing developers to increase the usable area of ​​buildings. This is the only option in which the developer will be able not only to recoup the project, but also to make a profit. Therefore, investments in new buildings in the city centre are difficult to pay off. The price of apartments even from the developer is much higher than the average. Price increases as construction progresses is minimal. Simply because otherwise the object is extremely difficult to implement. As a result, your investment in an apartment will receive a minimum return on investment. And the terms of the sale can be much delayed.

On the outskirts, where development is very active, investments in new buildings can be very profitable, but the terms of the sale of apartments will be delayed for a long time. It will be profitable to sell such housing only when the area is more or less built up and habitable.

The construction of residential real estate in a good and convenient location with the guarantee that the density of buildings will not increase there will, over time, raise the price of housing, since the number of apartments or houses will be limited. And, as you know, the deficit is always in high demand.

Thus, the best option is to invest in the housing complexesthat have development prospects like the Commodore Canberra. Long-term investments will pay off excellently on the outskirts of the city, but only on condition that growth and development continue in this direction and further.

Transport accessibility

Accessibility of transport and developed infrastructure are very important in the modern housing market. People appreciate the ability to get to work by public transport, i.e. the presence of nearby bus stops, trolleybuses, fixed-route taxis. It is also very important to have shops, schools and kindergartens, clinics and hospitals, entertainment facilities, parks, and shopping centres.

In the case of investments and resale of an apartment in a new building in a developed area, even at an inflated price, the speed of sale will be relatively high.

Verified developer

The multi-apartment market has become relatively safe in recent years, as officials have begun to strictly control the issuance of building permits and licenses. As a result, casual or untrustworthy developers cannot get a building plot. Even so, a potential buyer should not relax so as not to become a victim of scammers.

Study the developer company:

  • How many years has been on the market;
  • What objects have been implemented;
  • Was there not in the history of “long-term construction” and “frozen projects”.

And some more useful tips for the investor

If you are interested in investing in new buildings, pay attention to a few more nuances that deserve attention. This is the presence on the housing market of apartments with an area of ​​35-45 m², as well as the ratio of quality and price. The apartment is small in size and is in high demand on the market. And if it is also located in a convenient area, in a well-built house, with a well-equipped courtyard and developed infrastructure nearby, it will be possible to resell it very quickly and profitably.

Real estate and investment experts believe that the most profitable purchase is housing that combines a convenient construction concept and affordable price. The ability to compete on pricing is a very important factor. The Commodore Canberra offers original solutions, unusual layouts, some additional advantages (storage rooms, large balconies, panoramic windows, etc.) has greater chances for development and growth than buildings built according to standard designs.