Kitchen countertop Trends in 2020

There is no time for remodeling your kitchen. Well, whether you are installing the countertops and other aspects in your kitchen for the first time or making changes to the previously existing one, you will need to consider everything. 

Kitchen is one of the most ignored parts of the house. But, it is the only aspect that can help to increase the overall value of the house. Small updates around your kitchen can increase the resale value of your house by a significant price. Well, it is time that you take a look at some of the trends for 2020 regarding the quartz kitchen countertops urbana il.

These hot-trends will bring small yet noticeable changes. And well, if that doesn’t increase the value of the house, what else will? 

  • Quartz is the queen

Quartz in Laval is the queen of countertops. Granite has always been a priority for kitchen redesigning surfaces, but with quartz coming in the market, things have changed rapidly. 

Quartz is one of the most versatile rocks and has a range of possibilities from finish to color and even design. The greatest benefit of quartz is that despite having so many varieties, of ks affordable. 

The dense feature of quartz prevents the bacteria from getting into it. This helps to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene. All these factors have contributed towards quartz becoming an absolute favorite among all. 

  • Neutrality

With great style comes lack of color. This may sound a little absurd but neutrality has been the trend for wardrobe as well as kitchen. 

You can choose from different neutral color options such as grey, white, off-white and more. The combination of these colors in your kitchen is going to make it one of the most popular choices. 

Despite the neutrality, your kitchen is going to gather a lot of attention. You can also add small accents in your kitchen that can be a mix of red and blue over neutral colors. Color pop with neutrality will increase the popularity in no time. 

  • Add a backsplash

You can enhance the countertop’s look by adding a backsplash. It adds an elegant and modern look. Well, it is extremely necessary to use a contrast of colors and textures so as to bring about a fresh look in the kitchen. 

The contrast of colors is going to make your kitchen one of the best photogenic spots. So, the next time you’re throwing a party, the guests are going to surround your kitchen only and you shouldn’t be surprised at all.