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The 5 cheapest places to buy property in Jordan

5. Manaseer

Manaseer is a distinct in the city of Amman. It must be remembered that Amman is considered to be the most expensive city in the entire Arab world. At the same time there are many eating places in the city which is actually surprisingly affordable. Residents of Manaseer share in these benefits just like all of the other neighborhoods of Amman. There are many activities in this city which is completely free and which will cost people absolutely nothing. There are the ever popular Roman ruins which are visited by thousands of tourists every year. There are many shops, the local markets and street art. There are many narrow walkways with fruit and vegetables on both sides. In Manaseer apartments are available for US$88,000.

4. Tabarboor

This is a wonderful neighbor where you will see many shoppers carrying bags while others are pushing carts. There are also numerous sellers of produce which are standing on the raised platforms behind the things they are selling. Al Balad is considered to be in the historical heart of Amman and yet those joining the multitude of people walking through this area will have access to a remarkable historical experience and it will not cost them anything. An apartment in Tabarboor will cost you US$73,000.

3. Swelieh

One of the most popular attractions in this region is The Children’s Museum which is located in Amman. You will find it in Al Hussein Public Parks. This was an initiative by the royal family and in fact Queen Rania Al Abdullah has started this Museum in 2007. Since then it has become a member of the Association of children’s museums and Hands On! International. People also visit the Zaha cultural center and the Amman Citadel. An apartment will cost US$56,000.

2. Arjan

Many people in this neighborhood visit the Amman Waves which is a beautiful and professionally designed water park. This venue has a special children’s corner but there is also flowing waterways and slides and pools which is very popular among local people and visitors. People also go to Climbat Amman where those with excess adrenalin can keep themselves busy with rock climbing. People also go to rainbow Street which is a popular tourist attraction in Amman. There is also Japanese park which is likewise very popular in which continues to attract a lot of visitors and various film sets. An apartment will cost US$35,000.

1.   University Street

This is a neighborhood where some of the most affordable apartments can be found. The majority of people coming to Amman are constantly taking photos. There are so many things which can be photographed such as the colorful stairways and the ancient buildings. Then there are the ever enticing spice shops and all of those interesting side street markets. Souq Al Juma’a continues to be popular especially the Friday flea market. Then there is also window-shopping down the very popular Rainbow Street. Many people are going there just to see what other people are doing. A property can be available for approximately US$32,000.