Buying Screw Compressors from Industrial Freezing®

A screw compressor is a special type of air compressor, which is based on a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism for its working. In modern days, these are used instead of piston compressors to cater to high-pressure air requirements in large volumes and to cope up with large industrial applications like chillers. These are also used to operate high-power air tools like jackhammers and impact wrenches.

The working principle of screw compressors consists of two closely meshed helical screws, called rotors, which compress the gas to apply pressure and generate cooling. With two helical screws alignment, the timing gear of a dry-running screw compressor is required to work in such a way that male and female rotors maintain precise alignment without contact to avoid wear.

However, in the second scenario, if you are using an oil-flooded rotary-screw compressor, lubricating oil will make this sliding movement of rotors smooth, transfers mechanical energy between the rotors, and allows one rotor to be entirely driven by the other.

With large benefits and simple working requirements, your industry might need a screw compressor for the cooling of industrial equipment, but the question is from where your industry will buy these screw compressors. How much compensation you needed for those purchases and how to justify your decision of purchasing a variant against the quality standards.

At IndustrialFreezing.com, we have answers to all your concerns. We assure you of a large catalog of various make, models, or brands of screw compressors that vary according to the required conditions, operating environment, as well as, operating area. IndustrialFreezing.com is a name of quality, product assurance, verified equipment, service guarantee as well as, after-sale support.

We deal in different brand operated and manufactured screw compressors that are made to cope up with every requirement you have, all the needs your industry is looking for, and every operation you are carrying along with your processes. Industrial Freezing believes in soothing and making your processing easy by installing quality machines.

We buy used machines and freezing, processing, and cooling solutions for your industry with various requirements, to fill up your needs, keeping in mind your operating environment. Our used screw compressors are first tested, verified, and maintained before selling so that this equipment might not bother you with your processes.

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