Choosing a plant sales company

No matter the type of construction you work on, if you own a construction company you’ll get to a point where you need to decide whether to go down the plant hire route, or whether you want to work with a plant sales company to help you purchase the right types of equipment and machinery for your on-going construction needs. There are pros and cons to both plant hire and plant sales, and in the end the choice will come down to what works best for your specific business, budget, and needs.

Benefits of plant purchase

Choosing a plant sales company to help you buy the right equipment and machinery for your business comes with a few benefits, such as:

Better financial sense for long-term use– this is the case with companies that have a machine that they need to use frequently and consistently over a long period of time. This is where buying a machine outright makes more sense than leasing, as if you have the upfront cash, you then don’t need to worry about monthly lease payments. 

Always gives you a machine on hand – there are certain times where you might have a job come up really quickly and you need access to a machine right away. If you own machinery, you don’t need to worry about finding a plant hire company or waiting for the delivery to be made. Instead, your machine is right there, ready to be used.

Scale your business for larger potential contracts – by adding assets to your fleet of machines and equipment you are scaling your construction business. If new contracts and projects come up that you don’t have capacity for, purchasing plant gives you that reputation as a firm with the knowledge and the fleet to match. Those projects that seemed out of reach, are now there for the taking.

Buy from a plant hire company that also does sales –  by purchasing plant from a plant hire company, you know that the machinery and equipment you purchase has been tested thoroughly, leaving you with the best, latest, safest, and most productive models to choose from, boosting your own standards in the process.

Whatever choice you come to, it is important that you have trust in the company that you decide to purchase or hire from. A plant sales and plant lease company with plenty of experience and know-how will help you to make the clear, best choice for your own specific needs and budgets. If your company requires the use of one type of machinery for the same task over and over again, a plant sales option might be the best for you. If you need the use of different types of machinery and equipment and never quite know what construction project and task will be next, a plant hire agreement might be better. As long as you have access to expertise and great customer service, you’ll make the best choice for your business.