List Of The Best Gas Stoves And Ranges In 2020

Let’s be honest! Everybody wants to have a gas range that best satisfies their needs, suits their budget, and acts as a workhorse of the kitchen. From gently cooking the tomato sauce to grilling burgers to baking muffins, a gas range is a device that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Also, when you step up the price, you can buy a range with additional features like a convection oven and a griddle with automatic burners, along with an upscale look.

For buying a perfect gas stove for the kitchen, depending upon the size of your family, and of course, the budget, our comprehensive guide can help you out. Spare some time to read!

Samsung NX58H5600SS – one of the best gas ranges

Simple in design and yet highly multifunctional, this freestanding gas range with five burners is around 5.8 cubic feet, ideal for all kitchens.

The front-right burner can easily boil a larger pan with its 17k Btu heat output. The central burner is oval in shape, perfect for making pancakes. The grates of this range are continuous, which makes it easy for utensils to move over the stovetop.

It also features a well-designed convection system that ensures the base of your pie is well crusty and flaky. The elegant design and easy-to-use control panel make it a perfect pick.

GE JGB635REKSS – another excellent range on a budget

If you are looking for an affordable range with excellent design and numerous features, buy this range. Although its performance power is not as strong as the expensive ones, it is a perfect option for small families. It has a self-cleaning oven feature that all ranges must have.

The height of this stove is 5.0 cubic feet with four burners, an ideal pick for smaller kitchens. It comes in various styles, such as black or white stainless steel finish with a drawer at the bottom that can be used to store various things.

Whirlpool WFG975H0HV – the best smart gas stove

This 5.8 cubic feet tall, freestanding gas range has five burners and an upscale appearance. The largest burner has a heat output of 18000 Btu. It is nowhere lesser than any pro ranges and features towel bar handles and a knob.

The best thing about this gas range is that it works with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Now, just ask your voice assistant to start the oven.

If you have a habit of eating frozen food, no preheat is required. You can as well clean the boilovers without removing the grates or burners, thanks to its awesome design.

Bosch 800 Series HGI8056UC – an excellent slide-in gas range

A slide-in range offers your kitchen a great addition. This range is comparatively higher in price than other freestanding stoves, but it has features like that of expensive, custom-fitted stoves. It is a significant upgrade if you are looking for something more aesthetic.

At the bottom of the range, there is a warm drawer instead of storage space, which comes in handy when you have a large number of guests to entertain. It features three racks and a self-cleaning advantage at budget-friendly rates.