5 Luxurious Dining Rooms That Shine Because Of The Beetle Chair

The Beetle Chair is the epitome of understated luxury. Its elegant curves, sleek beauty, and minimalist aesthetic evoke an unparalleled debonair charm that can emulate luxury in the most down-to-earth spaces.

So imagine the lavish dining rooms that you can create with this chair! By selecting the right upholstery, finish, and accompanying surroundings, you can come up with several amazing, ritzy dining room settings with this chair. Let’s take a look at our top 5 choices to inspire you:

  1. The rustic-chic abode


The modern-rustic ambiance of this dining room is a study in clean lines and swanky perfection. The Beetle Chair takes center stage with its autumn-rust upholstery, the richness of which perfectly complements the sumptuous gravitas of the overall theme. With a backdrop of artfully distressed finishes and complemented by a stylish dining table, this dining room is certainly one of the top contenders when it comes to decadence and luxury.

  1. Neo-classic sophistication


The understated sophistication of this neo-classical dining room is for the most part thanks to the Beetle Chairs. The sumptuous, neutral upholstery with its rich fabric and lush sheen takes center stage. Surrounded by glass and marble stone accents, this dining space feels like you’ve entered the ballroom suite of a five-star hotel. Accentuated with a dark dining table and glamorous trimming, the Beetle Chair ends up redefining the very core of this space!

  1. Darkly appealing


The dark decadence of this dining area is complemented by the sleek, black Beetle chairs. While most of the ambiance is finished in understated greys, the chair is three shades darker and makes a bolder impact. It also anchors the whole look with its grounding presence and matches with the slim trimming and floor accents. This dining space exudes understated luxury and the Beetle Chair is a big part of the reason!

  1. Artistic contemporary


The absolutely glamorous design of this contemporary dining room features the Beetle Chairs as its focal point. The cerulean blue upholstery and sleek contours of the chair completely draw the eye and are complemented with matching accessories and accompanying furniture. The gold-brass legs of these chairs creates a visual hook that matches with the artistic light fixture that hangs above the dining table and features a gorgeous, contrasting aesthetic to cap off the whole ambiance.

  1. Color you eclectic


The colorful, eclectic charm of this fun dining space exudes luxury with a retro-modern twist. The Beetle Style Chair with its mauve upholstery is, once again, the core of the entire ambiance. The pastel translucent backdrop enhances its visual appeal while the darkly glam furniture in an opposite shade helps emulate great visual contrast within the space. The exposed brick ambiance is just the cherry on top!

All of these lush, charismatic dining spaces have one thing in common – the Beetle Chair! So, no matter what kind of an ambiance you concoct, this chair can always help you take it to the next level!