How Expensive are Leaking Taps and Burst Pipes

Leaking taps and burst pipes can add up a lot in your water bill. They are usually treated as plumbing emergencies due to the severe impact that it may cause your homes and safety. Leaking taps and burst pipes can waste hundreds of litres of water every year.

It is bad for your budget and the environment as well. As you listen to the water dripping in your faucet or see the damp on your wall grow further, you are letting water and money go to the drain, literally.

How Much Can Leaking Taps Cost You?

On average, a leaking tap can cause you around 260 litres of water annually. That is around $950 of clean drinking water going to waste. The number is just the average. if you have a couple of taps leaking frequently in your homes, it may cause you more.

If several homes in Australia have an unattended dripping tap in their homes, they could potentially waste around a total of 1.1 billion litres of water in a year.

The problem with dripping taps is that they are usually unnoticed or touch to locate. Faucets located outdoors often go leaking without being noticed for a long time. If you happen to find one, it would be best to repair it immediately, or hi-tea plumber to do it for you.

However, if leaks are unnoticeable, it may go leaking for a while without being noticed at all. You will just begin to see the impact of the leak once it reflects on your water bill.

You can actually repair a leaky tap on your own. A tap repair kit contains everything that can help address a leaky tap. The kit also includes detailed guides and instructions on how you can repair a leaking tap on your own. You will be able to save a lot of money if you repair a leaky tap on your own.

Leaking taps are easy to fix so you might want to call a leaking tap repair plumber to fix the job immediately. Nothing beats the expertise of a licenced and professional plumber when dealing with such issues.

How Much Can Leaking Pipes Cost You?

Pipeline leaks are even more expensive and are more bothersome than leaking taps. it can completely damage your walls and floors if they are not resolved immediately. A pipeline leak can be as small a small hole and can be as big as a penny. Leaking pipes can waste a minimum or a litre a day and in worst cases, even more.

Leaks in the water line can seep through wooden floors and cause structural damages to your home. If leaks in pipes remain unresolved, it causes deterioration and rusting in your homes.

In some cases, you can easily identify a pipe leak. However, if the pipeline leak is located inside your walls or underground, it would be difficult to diagnose and locate the leak. Get help from a professional plumber to be able to fix pipe leaks in your homes immediately.

Some of the signs to watch out for when dealing with leaking pipes are wet spots inside or outside your property, discolourations in the ceiling and wall surfaces, visible mildew and mould growth, water running from your yard to the street, high water bills and stinky smell in your sink or bathroom areas.

How Much Does Fixing a Leak Cost?

The average cost of repairing a leaking faucet or a leaking pipe can range anywhere from $60 to $120 for minor repairs and around $300 to $600 for major fixes like installing new bathroom fixtures. Replacing a burst pipe can cost even more.

The cost of the job can also depend on where the leak is located. You can call several plumbing companies to request for a quote to later choose the most affordable and reliable service available for you.