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How to Make your Dream Bathroom into a Reality

Every homeowner wants to have a bathroom that reflects their style and can deliver the comfort they need. But, apart from this, it’s essential to ensure the bathroom has the right fixtures and amenities that can offer function and values. Luckily, careful planning and the right design can make it possible for homeowners to have it all. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, Rénovation Renovco can help you make your dream bathroom into a reality. Below are some tips to help you:

Carefully Plan the Project

Before you start contacting contractors to do and complete your bathroom project, you must talk to everyone who uses the bathroom first. Discuss the fixtures and finishes you will use and how much of the budget you can spend. When planning for your budget, ensure to have a bit of extra as there might be some unexpected issues that will increase the project cost later on.

As the renovation starts, try to resist the temptation of changing your plans. Otherwise, you will end up spending more and your completion date will be extended.

Customise the Space

A customised bathroom has plenty of suite fixtures. It is a step beyond a standard bathroom with the use of personalised cabinets, facilities, and vanities. Although stock options are always available, you may need something a bit smaller, bigger, wider, or in a different colour. If you decide to customise your bathroom, your options include custom cabinets, double-wide sinks, and floating vanities.Before starting, you may want to have a better gauge of interior design costs so you can better plan and budget for unexpected hiccups and getting the dream design you want.

Consider Bathroom Floor Plans

Keeping the plumbing fixtures close to the existing plumbing of the bathroom will help you save money.  But, if your contractor will discover outdated wiring or plumbing, they may suggest gutting out the old pipes and wires to make way for the new ones’ installation. If your budget is tight and you need to keep the same footprint, you can use some tricks to still give an impression that your space is a bit bigger. For instance, pedestal sinks can make a room look more spacious and clear glass shower doors are a favourite compared to the shower curtains on tubs since they block the light and make the space look more enclosed.

Think About LED Lighting Design

While a sophisticated finish on faucets would make your bathroom look more sophisticated, you can still opt to install sufficient and luxurious bathroom lighting. Well-designed vanity lighting can eliminate the shadows on faces. Also, a combination of LED recessed lights that have wall sconces beside is an excellent idea.