Is Your Water Heater Failing? Common Warning Signs to Look Out For

Investing in reliable appliances has been a priority for many homeowners in the Philippines. This allows them to automate various labor-intensive tasks, enabling them to save time and use it for other activities. And one of the most common appliances bought by countless Filipinos in the past decade is a water heater, allowing them instant access to warm water when needed. 

Investing in water heaters is a considerable commitment, so picking the best heater in the market is vital. Most consumers only check the shower heater price in the Philippines without considering the quality of materials used to build the unit. Going for low-quality water heating units because of their affordability can be attractive, but it can cost you a lot in the long run. 

Buying low-quality heaters can be a hassle and cause the heater to fail after a few years. This can be a disaster for countless heater owners, especially if they are unaware of the common symptoms of a faulty water heater. Knowing these things can be a game changer, even for those with inferior water heating units. 

For instance, leaks in the unit are an excellent sign of a problem inside the unit. Different factors can contribute to this, including loose screws, the buildup of sediments, and old age. No matter the reason, a damp spot near the heating unit is a concern for anyone and should be checked immediately. 

Another great indication of a failing heater is the discoloration and foul smell in the warm water. This is usually caused by a high level of rust or bacteria in the tank or the property’s plumbing system. Apart from this, it can also be caused by a flawed anode rod mainly used to attract elements in the water to prevent corrosion. 

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