Taman Sari Yogyakarta: A Wonderful Classic Water Castle

Taman Sari water castle provides a distinct and one of a kind tourist attractions from Yogyakarta. With exquisite European structures, the castle markers 260 years of its presence. Built throughout the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the very first king of Yogyakarta. Taman Sari stashes the foundation of Mataram’s reign in every component of the building.

Taman Sari isn’t only a magnificent building. Either side of the area is built with perceptivity and filled with doctrine. Lied from the 10-hectare region, Taman Sari resides by 57 buildings indoors. The construction of this water castle relies on the arrangement of the very first king itself.

The water castle is his resting place. Design to be his last destination after he retired after years of warfare. Surround with a water garden with an extensive pavilion: the meditation chamber, mosque, and excessively rooms. Taman Sari has been used for 47 years as a home.

Taman Sari is a legacy site of Mataram Palace located in the Kraton area. To have a better picture shoot, be sure that you come as soon as you can. Some of the spots left abandoned the perfect frame for photo hunters.

Water Castle Yogyakarta From Time to Time

The construction of the water castle started in 1758 when the very first King of Yogyakarta principles. The entire project finished during the reign of the next King, his son. The castle was used from 1765 to 1812. When the very first King still rules and 20 years after his retirement.

Part of the water castle was destroyed during the British invasion into Yogyakarta in 1812. Since the maintenance of the castle requires a good deal of effort. And due to acute damage to the castle during the war. Following the very first King expired, the water castle was left to abandon.

The remaining part of the water castle Taman Sari ruins in 1867, following Yogyakarta’s massive earthquake. Taman Sari’s first restoration functions began in 1970. The restoration has succeeded in establishing the bathing pool back in a complete piece. By that time, another area of the water castle had been inhabited by the natives.

Attractions in Taman Sari Yogyakarta

There are four main places in the water system, the artificial lake on the west coast, Umbul Binangun Pool at the south side of this artificial lake. And on the east side of the artificial lake, there is an island having a suspension bridge.

The Umbul Binangun Pool will be your best rescue place from the water castle. Simultaneously, the others and a few areas had been transformed into the resolutions of former Abdi Dalem of Keraton Yogyakarta.

Pulo Kenanga

Pulo in Javanese signifies the island. The island is formerly located in the middle of an artificial lake. In Pulo Kenanga, there’s a building named Gedhong Kenanga. Gedhong is the highest area in the Taman Sari area. Gedhong Kenanga formerly was used for monitoring the whole Yogyakarta Palace.

There is another construction in Gedhong Kenanga that once used to float toward the tunnel. Even there is no artificial lake anymore. Pulo Kenanga still gives the view of Yogyakarta from the top and a gorgeous sunset spot.

Pulo Cemeti

Next, Pulo Cemeti is an area for meditation. Cemethi believes as well as a hiding place to the royal household during the attack.

To get into the Pulo Cemeti area, visitors should walk down across the underground tunnel. The locals think there is a secret tunnel that joins the water castle to the Indian Ocean.

Sumur Gumuling

The next place is Sumur Gumuling. The region is an underground mosque. Guests will observe a two-floor building having a circular shaped form.

The praying hallway for the guy is located on the first floor. And women pray on the next floor of the mosque. Walk along in the construction, and you will find just five stairs representing five pillars of Islam. This room is an echo room so that others will hear the conversation made in the place.

Gedhong Lopak

Gedhong Lopak-Lopak or Gopok-Gopok, previously this building, is a tower with two floors. But now it was replaced by an eight side square garden. Gedhong Gapura Hageng is the main gate in the west location.

Umbul Pasiraman Or Umbul Binangun

The next spot is Umbul Pasiraman or called as Umbul Binangun. This region once was a bathing pool to its Royal Keraton members. The bathing pool is an outside space covered by a strong top construction around it. It’s three pools, also known as Umbul Muncar, Blumbang Kuras, and Umbul Binangun.

Taman Sari Opening Hours

Throughout the weekend, the water castle will constantly pack together with local tourists and students on Monday — Sunday at 09:00 am — 03:00 pm.

Taman Sari Water Castle Yogyakarta Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to get a foreign customer is three times greater than the neighborhood tourist. On the other side, the admission fee is still marginally cheap at just Rp 15.000. There is an extra charge fee for a camera for Rp 3.000.

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