Replace Or Repair Your Doors And Windows?

If your window is not performing well, how do you know whether to replace it, repair it, or add elements (weatherstripping, honeycomb blinds, shutters, etc.)?

To Repair A Window Or Not?

In most circumstances, the repair by sash and case windows Edinburgh for example is advised. To obtain performance that is extremely close to that of doors and windows, it is possible to repair the window to make it more airtight and even add a film with low emissivity (Low-e). New! We recommend repairing a window in cases where it is antique, and you want to preserve its appearance (you may also be legally obligated to preserve it!) or when only the thermos is damaged.

What To Do When A Thermos Glazing Is Fogged Up?

Eco habitation does not recommend using companies that promise to remove fog between the glazing. Your double glazing becomes single when the holes drilled at the bottom of the glazing produce a convection loop. Better to change the thermos, a simple and effective job that keeps the whole window.

Thermos double glazing has a maximum lifespan of approximately 20 years; it is normal to have to replace them. Without changing the entire window, it is possible to remove the moldings from the interior side of the window (whether fixed or opening), then change only the thermos glazing. It’s simpler than you think, much less expensive, and more environmentally friendly than full window replacement. It is necessary to call on glaziers to obtain new thermo-glazing. Opt for the same glazing thickness as the original thermos, and find out about low-emissivity films and insulating spacers.

Recommendations According To The Type Of Frame Of Your Windows

Wood Frame: If the wood is still structurally intact and not in a state of decay, consider repairing and adding interior or exterior storm windows.

Aluminum Frame: Aluminum is still incredibly strong and water-resistant. Therefore, it is frequently necessary to use weather stripping and coatings to make windows more tightly sealed.

PVC Frame: While typically well insulated, these frames lose shape and turn yellow. On the inner or exterior, PVC paint can improve their aesthetics. Make improvements to existing windows

Several improvements can be made to windows: when the cost or condition of the window or door does not justify its replacement, various elements will be added that increase its efficiency and improve comfort. For example, adding a storm window improves the insulating value by about 60%, and reducing air infiltration with cold cuts improves airtightness easily.

In all cases, the solutions always depend on the initial state of the doors and windows or the problem encountered: sealing, level of insulation, presence of the low-emissivity film, etc. The most cost-effective option will cost little relative to the efficiency gains.